Thés de la Pagode

參考號碼 : HKTT-BandThes

你知道嗎?所有沖泡用的茶葉基本上無經過清洗,所以選擇有機茶葉,至關重要。所有 Thes De La Pagode 的產品均獲得法國機認證,不經任何化學處理,保證不會殘留任何化學殺蟲劑。




Tea lovers sometimes forget that tea-leaves are never washed. By choosing organic tea, consumers can be sure that they will not find any pesticide residue in their cups. Every Thés de la Pagode tea is Organically Certified. Our teabags are 100% natural and do not undergo any type of chemical treatment.


Our tea gardens are found at altitudes of between 1200 and 1800 metres, where the mountain regions are the most favourable for tea plantations. Thés de la Pagode pick young shoots or “pekoe”only, from small gardens high in the mountains. These young shoots give Thés de la Pagode teas an excellent quality and their sweet, pleasant flavour.


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