Super diet

參考號碼 : HKTT-BandSDiet

Super diet 起源於1961年的法國德南市,自然療法醫師René HAUSSIN創立出獨家自然療法配方,SUPER DIET亦同時成立。至今,SUPER DIET已成為一家行銷世界各地的有機健康產品專門店。


SUPER DIET產品的原料經過嚴格挑選,確保為有機及優質品。從生產到包裝的工序均受到監控,產品均產品均可追蹤產地來源,並已通過法國及歐盟的規管。


In 1961, René HAUSSIN, naturopath, created his first formulations. Super diet was born. Nowadays, SUPER DIET has become an international company which committed to the manufacture of organic products.


Our quality policy calls for a stringent raw material selection process in order to obtain the best that plants and natural products have to offer. Every stage is monitored and controlled from selecting the ingredient through to packaging. This approach guarantees product traceability, upstream and downstream, to provide consumers with a high level of quality and safety in accordance with current French and European regulations.


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