Salus Haus

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德國 Salus Haus 是全球最大草本集團,成立於1916年的Salus-Haus,總部位於德國,至今已經有近一百年的歷史,是歐洲最大的草本健康品集團。上世紀初葉,歐特·葛萊德博士創立了Salus莎露斯自然療法,開創了有機自然療法的新時代。90多年來Salus莎露斯堅持為顧客研發,有機、無污染、蘊藏自然智慧的健康產品。時至今日,Salus莎露斯集團旗下有Salus Floradix,Schoenenberger,Dr. Dunner,Hensel等多個品牌,為全球市場提供化妝品、精油、保健品、草藥、藥品,有機食品等。


Salus Haus is a Bavarian company that manufacture some of the most well-known herbal products. Salus-Haus was originally founded in 1916 by Dr Otto Greither who developed his own models of treatment based on natural herbal medicines.To this day, Salus carry on the Salus philosophy Otto aims to promote vitality and healthy living in a world in which people and the environment are equal. With over 90 years of experience within the health industry, Salus own several international haealth and Organic brands including Salus Floradix, Schoenenberger, Dr. Dunner, Hensel etc. Salus Haus Products like toiletries, Essential oils, Herbal medicines and Organic food are sold to 50 countries in the world.



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